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Apple Monkey: Freeze Dried Apple  ​

Apple Monkey: Freeze Dried Apple ​

Brand: Apple Monkey
Product Code: AM001
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Apple Monkey: Freeze Dried Apple ​

Apple Monkey freeze-dried fruits are an easy way to enjoy a healthy, tasty treat. They are mad with real fruit and processed using freeze-drying methods to minimize the loss of nutrition.
Apple Monkey freeze-dried fruits contain no preservatives, no artificial colors, and no additives. Your kids will enjoy a naturally crispy, yummy and healthy snack!

Why are Apple Monkey fruit chips perfect for snacks?
No preservatives
No artificial colors
Not fried with oil
Uses a freeze-drying process

Taste and features:
Tasty taste mixing between sweet and sour.
Crispy and melted in your mouth.

• High Vitamin A, C, and K
• High Fiber and Mineral
• Increase your kid's immune system

100% Apple/ 30 gs

Safety advice
Not suitable for children under 24 months. To reduce the reisk of choking, please ensure that they are sitting down and supervised.

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Apple Monkey: Freeze Dried Apple  ​
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