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Lady BeeTin : Pure Longan Honey

Lady BeeTin : Pure Longan Honey

Brand: Lady BeeTin
Product Code: LBT002
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Lady BeeTin : Pure Longan Honey

Lady BeeTin™ Pure Honey is a 100% pure natural monofloral honey collected from Euphoria longana Flower, a well-known Longan fruit tree in the heart of Chiang Mai, Thailand. lt possesses a unique fragrance of Longan which is formed naturally.

It is a nature's quickest delivery system for the body as it can;
• Be easily digested and used as energy
• Improves digestion
• Enhances skin complexion
• Balances our body's pH level
• Relieves fatigue
• Provides essential nutrients to support a healthy body and immune system

No artificial colouring, flavour, sweetener or preservative were added.

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Lady BeeTin : Pure Longan Honey
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