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Ben & Bella : Play & Learn A Speicial Day

Ben & Bella : Play & Learn A Speicial Day

Brand: Ben & Bella
Product Code: BB0002
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Ben & Bella : Play & Learn A Speicial Day

  Storybook + DVD
   •  32 pages, all with full-color illustrations
   •  60+key English words presented in a picture dictionary
   •  An accompanying 15-mintue video book on a DVD, with
   •  A native speaker narrating the story and
   •  All important words repeatedly articulated and highlighted visually


1 DVD 3 episodes, each with
  A cartoon and song
 A karaoke version of singing along
•  Choreography clips for dancing along
•  Most episodes also include a bonus live-action video
•  A combined running time of more than 70 minutes


1 Sticker Book
•  More than 30 reusable stickers
•  Stickers illustrating key words
•  Stickers of Ben and Bella
•  5 background scenes as play scenarios



 1 Parents’ Guide
 •  8 pages written in the local language, including details description of the set’s content,
    useful tops on how to approach them and information

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Ben & Bella : Play & Learn A Speicial Day
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