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Bumble Bee : Baby Safe Oven Lock

Bumble Bee : Baby Safe Oven Lock

Brand: Bumble Bee
Product Code: BS0011
Availability: In Stock
Price: RM8.90


Bumble Bee : Baby Safe Oven Lock

• Designed to prevent accidents and to deter the little ones from opening the oven without adults knowing it.
• A special heat-resistant latch and self-adhesive for easy installation
• An operation-friendly design that allows an adult to lock and unlock the oven easily.

• Determine the best position for placement of the Oven Lock.
• Peel adhesive backing paper and press firmly into position.
• Make sure adhesive tape to be installed in the evening & leave to set overnight. If possible leave for 24 hours.

Unlock : Press ribbed section (A) and turn right until tab (B) does not obstruct the oven door.

Lock : Turn left and click to secure, tab should now obstruct oven door.

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Bumble Bee : Baby Safe Oven Lock
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