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Moby Warp: Moby Wraps Originals

Moby Warp: Moby Wraps Originals

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Moby Warp: Moby Wraps Originals

The best-selling, classic Moby Wrap is a babywearing favorite! Offers award-winning comfort.

Benefits of Baby Wearing :
Promotes strong attachment
Lowers incidence of illness
Reduces crying significantly
Increases learning
Provides a sense of organization
Advances social development
Provides fathers with a soothing touch
Increases hormone levels
Establishes independence earlier
Makes sibling care easier
Provides a sense of calmness
Adheres to our biological nature
Decreases the risk of flat head syndrome

Wrap Details
Ideal for babies 8 - 35lbs
100% natural cotton
Machine washable

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Moby Warp: Moby Wraps Originals
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