Pre-Order Process

Coming Soon!

  1. Customer Select Pre-order
  2. Pre-Order Items will be added in the shopping cart. Customer and Sales team will receive Purchase Order copy.
  3. Customer contact the supplier with Purchase Order
  4. Sales Admin will check on every Pre-Order Submission to Approve or Reject. Upon Approval, customer will receive purchase confirmation link which continue to Checkout with Payment Solution. Upon Reject, member will receive a notification with reason of rejection.
  5. Once customer clicks the Checkout link in approval email, they will proceed to check out and make payment online


Pre-Order Delivery

Upon Stocky Availability, customer will received the Pre-Order Items within 7 Business Day, otherwise it may pro-long to 3-4 weeks if the product unavailable on the time Pre-Order Purchase.

Customer will be notified for the duration of delivery

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