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V-Coool Bottle Warmer Pouch(Small) : Wide Neck (Avent/MAM/Pigeon/NUK)

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V-Coool Bottle Warmer Pouch(Small) : Wide Neck (Avent/MAM/Pigeon/NUK)

• V-Coool bottle warmer pouch comes with 4.5mm Neoprene for better thermal insulation, compared to the normal 3mm insualted material by other brand in the market.
• Suitable for 4oz-5oz standard bottles
• Prevent the glass bottle to be broken Milk in the bottle will need one hour to change from 44 degrees -35 degreee under the normal room temperture.
• This means the milk can stay fresh and warm in a longer period.
• Prevent the bottle from scratches.
• Bottom stitching design, rather than the kind of glue fit design, the recycle scuba diving material make this product more environmentally friendly.
• Can be attached to stroller, or can be portable, a lot more convenient to parents
• The window design allow you to see the indicator of the bottle so that the amount of the milk can be seen easily.
• Feel soft and comfortable, ,it make Mommy feeding process to become easier and more convenient.
• Made from safe material, product been past international product safety test.

Available in Red, Sky Blue, Orange, Apple Green, and Dark Pink

Green Neoprene with Scuba Diving Material.

7X7X9CM (standard bottle can be fitted)



AVENT Bottle                                                                               Dr Brown Bottle


NUK Wide Neck                                                                           Pigeon Wide Neck Bottle


Easily attached to any place




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